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California Highlands Vistas invites you to experience quality addiction treatment at our luxury treatment center that sits amidst the wonders of Southern California. Our 2.5-acre property has a garden and other outdoor spaces to put you in touch with nature and allow you to use its powers to recover from substance abuse.

We provide specialized treatment to assist individuals with their substance abuse and mental health issues. These treatments are designed based on the knowledge that everyone is unique in their experiences, emotions, and beliefs. It is our primary goal to provide each client with the opportunity to live a more balanced and healthy life.

Addiction is a chronic brain disease that affects the whole person—the mind, body, and spirit. At California Highlands Vistas, we set out to treat the whole person in addiction recovery. Our evidence based approach can help you or your loved one get to the root of your addiction to facilitate a successful, long-term recovery.

Our program is designed to get you to 30 days without addictive substances while learning effective coping tools and strategies that help you achieve the sobriety you want. We involve you in the entire treatment process from start to finish. From the minute you walk through our doors, we work alongside you to develop an effective treatment plan that is customized to fit your specific needs and recovery goals.

Here is a quick overview of the treatment services we provide. If you have any questions or would like more information about any aspect of our program, don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 969-8755.


Quality addiction treatment starts with a medical detoxification designed to safely remove all toxic substances from the body. Clients will find they can focus more on their treatment once they have completed this process before clinical treatment starts. For some people, detoxing is a mild event with some discomfort. For others, it is painful, and dangerous symptoms can accompany the process.

A professional detox ensures you can rest easier knowing that a skilled and knowledgeable medical professional is overseeing the process the entire time. We advise recovering substance users to get professional help with a detox. Doing it on your own can result in serious side effects and could even be fatal.

Individualized Therapies

After you have completed the detoxification process and taken your personal assessment, you will be ready to receive the treatment program recommended for you. We customize your program based on the results of your initial assessment and use your individuality to put you first throughout your program. We offer the following therapies:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  This therapy helps you identify the thoughts and emotions that influence your behavior. Here, you will learn to eliminate negative and self-defeating thoughts, which is the beginning of true recovery.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Emotions, biological factors, and cognitive reactivity are all taken into account during this therapy. You will be given the tools to cope with relapse triggers and conquer your addiction.

Motivational Interviewing. A Motivational Therapy session will connect you with a therapist who can help you explore the process of change in your life and to find inspiration to set that change in motion.

Mindfulness. Mindfulness invites you to think more about the present moment, giving you the power to handle any emotional situations you face in an inwardly-focused therapeutic method.

Residential Treatment

If more time is needed to address an addiction, our residential facility offers just the healing space needed to do so. At California Highlands Vistas, we can help you learn life skills, fight cravings, and avoid triggers so that you can live a life of sobriety.

Our luxury residential facility is designed to accommodate your every need as you work alongside our medical and clinical professionals to fight your addiction. Our programs usually last between 30 and 60 days.

At California Highlands Addiction Treatment Vistas, we understand the disease of addiction is unique for each and every person. We’re committed to crafting the perfect treatment plan to meet the individual needs of every client.

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