Long day at the office? It’s OK; pour a little liquor on ice to take the edge off. Are you going through a breakup? Your friends are probably calling you and inviting you out to the bar to get over that person, meet someone else, and drown your sorrows. Does any of this sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve seen it in a movie, or it’s something you’ve participated in yourself.

Unfortunately, binge drinking and trying to forget your problems are socially acceptable in our society. You probably forget that alcohol is a dangerous drug when it’s portrayed as this magical elixir in movies. You see superheroes pouring themselves a drink in the middle of the afternoon as they plot revenge on their foes. All of that aside, we must remember that alcohol is a dangerous drug. It causes misery, heartache, accidents, and even fatalities. So, why do we drink it?

If you glance at the statistics, you’ve likely consumed alcohol at one point in your life. Yes, you. One of the primary issues with the substance is it’s so widespread and available in our society. If you’re flying to visit a family member, you’re bombarded with alcohol in the gift shop or stacked up at the bar next to your terminal. If you’re a recovering alcoholic, it’s unlike other drugs in that you can’t escape it. You put on your headphones to tune out, and there’s an advertisement telling you how delicious their cold beer is on a hot day. If you’re battling an alcohol addiction, seeing it is enough to make an excuse to go drink. Sadly, our society has become entrenched in this stuff.

What makes drinking an even bigger issue is that you don’t even have to become addicted to it to experience adverse outcomes. For example, if you go out drinking once a month and drink too much, you’re prone to alcohol poisoning. If you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you could hurt others and yourself. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up in jail with your life. Many of us can have a single drink with dinner and be fine, but others can’t stop. Even if you drink on occasion, it can easily lead to a drink before an event to calm your nerves. Before you know it, that beer turned into three, and you’re drinking before any activity because you can’t stop. Alcohol addiction is a global issue and one of the leading causes of preventable death.

The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (NDAS) released data that proves these claims are more than hysteria. Alcohol use, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism kill 3 million people globally each year, equating to a staggering six percent of deaths worldwide. What’s startling is that something legal can lead to such permanent outcomes. In the United States alone, 95,000 people die each year from alcohol’s effects. Of those, 7 percent of adults currently struggle with an alcohol use disorder (AUD). An estimated 60 percent of people admitted to increasing their alcohol consumption during the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even states like California aren’t exempt from alcohol’s adverse effects. The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics shows that the state has the highest number of alcohol-related deaths. The figures found that 11,026 deaths were attributed to excessive alcohol consumption in the state. The numbers were overwhelmingly male-dominated at 71.2 percent.

Nearly 60 percent of deaths are linked to alcohol use disorder, with 84.3 percent of them affecting those 35 years and older. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Californians will lose 308,831 years of potential life to alcohol. The Golden State also averaged one alcohol-related death for every 2,777 adults 18 and older, translating to 3.6 deaths for every 10,000 adults.

Despite it being controlled by the government, alcohol significantly impacts California. Regions like Riverside County aren’t exempt. If you’ve developed a chemical dependency on alcohol and experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink, you’ll need alcohol rehab & detox in Riverside County. It’s OK to feel scared about what you can do, but you should never feel like you’re alone in this. You’re not. The specialists at California Highlands Vistas are ready to assist you in getting sober and facing your demons. Alcohol detox & rehab will not only get you sober but will provide you with the tools necessary for long-term sobriety.

Alcohol Addiction in Riverside County

As was previously discussed, California is significantly impacted by alcohol, but how bad is it in Riverside County? According toHealthData.org, it’s pretty bad. An estimated 7.1 percent of women and 20.2 percent of men struggle with addiction. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, common long-term symptoms of alcohol consumption, affect 12.9 percent of women and 25.8 percent of men.

The website data also shows that 9.4 percent of men and 6.6 percent of women drink heavily. In addition to these numbers, 23.7 percent of men and 9.9 percent of women regularly binge drink. It may not sound like a lot until you factor in that 2.4 million people call Riverside County home. For that reason, seeking help is vital. If you’re struggling and don’t know where to turn, we’re here to help. Alcohol withdrawal is especially dangerous, meaning you must seek professional help. Below, we’ll discuss what you can expect when you accept our services.

California Highlands Vistas Alcohol Rehab & Detox in Riverside County

If you’re tired of alcohol controlling your life, you’re making the right decision, but what does that mean? Here’s what you can expect when you check into alcohol rehab & detox in Riverside County.


We can’t stress enough the dangers you face during alcohol withdrawal. For that reason, the first step before you enter rehab is to remove all traces of alcohol from your system safely. Since seizures and delirium tremens (DTs) are serious threats, doctors will administer medications to relax your nervous system as you acclimate to a new state of sobriety. The process can last from three to seven days but can also be longer if you’re severely dependent on the substance. Once medically cleared, you can enter the next stage in the continuum of care.


At this point, you must feel accomplished. Detoxing from alcohol is a significant barrier to getting help. Although your journey is only starting, this is a big step. When you reach inpatient treatment, you’ll spend several weeks with therapists to walk you through what to expect. They’ll teach you tools to use in life that help you overcome your triggers. They’ll also help you understand what made you start abusing alcohol in the first place and overcome these traumas. You’ll learn a lot and prepare yourself for a new chapter in your life.


Although you’re leaving this all behind, you have a lot of work ahead. California Highlands Vistas will connect you with fellow alumni and 12-step programs to safeguard your sobriety. Practicing your sobriety and learning how to stay that way is easy when you’re in treatment. The real work begins when you’re faced with the stress of life and alcohol. Fortunately, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Alcohol Rehab & Detox in Riverside County FAQs

We know you have questions before saying “yes” to rehab. Here are some commonly asked questions.

How long is rehab?

The truth is it depends. How long have you abused alcohol? Have you been diagnosed with depression? Are you using other drugs? These variables make it hard to accurately predict your stay. Even during treatment, that can change if you don’t respond as expected. Expect to stay anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

Does California Highlands Vistas offer transportation?

It’s our goal to remove all barriers and reasons why you might say no. Yes, we offer transportation offsite to appointments or from the airport. Bear in mind; you will be responsible for these extra expenses.

How much does alcohol rehab & detox cost?

Again, there are variables we must consider before providing a cost. Are you insured? Do you have other medical conditions we must treat? Contact our staff for a more personalized answer.

Do I have to travel?

Whether you live in Riverside County or in Europe, you must travel to our facility.

What insurance carriers does California Highlands Vistas take?

To ensure the highest quality care, we work alongside most major insurance companies. Please contact yours to see what benefits your policy covers.

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